Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monuments and Milestones.

This post is from my previous blog, Ear to the Heavens. Enjoy.

I recently was asked by my 7-year old daughter what it meant to hear from God. She wanted to know what his voice sounded like. Could I actually hear his voice?

Let me say first, in all humility, that it is rare that I hear from God. His word is for me, as it is for most of His children, sufficient enough. The only time I really hear from the Lord is when, in my own stiff-neckedness, I have reached an impass and I need to hear His voice to nudge me beyond it.

So, I tried to explain to her that I don't actually hear a voice, but rather, deep inside, a thought comes to me in a small still voice that I recognize as not being my own. Usually it's only a few words, and with those words comes a deep and complete understanding of God's will in the issue.

I am humbled when I think about the prophets of the old testament and how often God spoke to them. Even moreso when I think about how little and rarely He spoke to some of them - for God to speak to me at all is amazing.

I was trying to provide my daughter with an example, and to my shame, I struggled to recall some of those moments. How could I not remember???

It was then that I recalled the monuments that the patriarchs laid to revisit and recall the great things that God had done. One, because we forget, and two, because the enemy seeks to distort the truth and will make us doubt that which we should be sure of because God as approved it with great and mighty acts.

When God has spoken to us, that event should be so great in our minds and so remembered that we never fall into the same trap we were in when He spoke to us.

So, with that in mind I have decided to start a record of the times and things God has shown me and spoken to me to reaffirm His will and His love.