Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Three for the Ride: Hum, P.O.D., Wings

Some days, I take the train to work. Other days, I drive. Either way, I listen to music on the way. I put the iPhone music player on shuffle, and off I go. Calling my collection eclectic would be an understatement. It's often an interesting mix. There are songs though, that I really wish the world could appreciate as much as I do. Songs that make me say, "Ooh, listen to THIS! Isn't it great?!"

Here's what I heard this morning:

Hum: "Stars"
I discovered these guys because this song was used in a Cadillac ad. The groove in that 5 seconds was so heavy and layered so beautifully I had to hear more. It's a very melodic wall of sound. The song is from 1995's You'd Prefer an Astronaut, Hum's third studio album. The Champaign, Illinois band has been defunct since 2000.

P.O.D.: "Goodbye For Now"
This track is form P.O.D.'s sixth record Testify, released in 2005. The track is more of a groove and laid back thing that is a big departure from their usual heavy sound. It also features Katy Perry on vocals (she's also in the video), back before anyone knew who Katy Perry was. It's her best work ;). The song is produced by Glen Ballard, who's credits are way too long to list here, but include the likes of Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Alanis Morissette.

Wings: "Getting Closer"
I am a huge McCartney fan, if you hadn't already figured that out. This is one of my favorite tracks from 1979'a Back to the Egg, Wings's last record. Although the album received horrible critical reception, I think it is one of Paul's better efforts. This song reminds me of earlier Wings stuff, like "Jet", "Juniors Farm", "Band on the Run", etc. It has such distinct parts; two different verses, a chorus, and the end which goes to an entirely different place than the rest of the song. Only McCartney can write and construct this kind of song with such stellar success.

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