Thursday, October 9, 2014

Three for the Ride: Pink Floyd, Gerry Rafferty, Ted Nugent

Some days, I take the train to work. Other days, I drive. Either way, I listen to music on the way. I put the iPhone music player on shuffle, and off I go. Calling my collection eclectic would be an understatement. It's often an interesting mix. There are songs though, that I really wish the world could appreciate as much as I do. Songs that make me say, "Ooh, listen to THIS! Isn't it great?!"

Here's what I heard this morning:

Pink Floyd: "Have a Cigar"
I know that 1973's Dark Side of the Moon is most people's must-have Pink Floyd record, but for me, 1975's Wish You Were Here is that record. This track, featuring Roy Harper on vocals, is one of my favorite tracks from that record. I have a lot of fond and vivid memories with this record. One in particular involves a good friend from high school who is no longer with us. Cheers, Mike, this one's for you.

Gerry Rafferty: "Baker Street"
This song has one of the most iconic melodies played on the sax by Raphael Ravenscroft. There's also a guitar solo by Hugh Burns at the end of the song which gives me chills every time I hear it. The song is on 1978's City to City album and was a huge hit going to #2 when it was released. It's a hauntingly beautiful song that begs to be listened to again and again as the fade out leaves you wanting more.

Ted Nugent: "Cat Scratch Fever"
A long time ago, before the political rhetoric and the white man's angst, Ted was the Motor City Madman - a great guitar player and the misogynistic hero of every teenage boy who heard him. His album, 1977's Cat Scratch Fever sold millions of copies and this song was a top 40 hit on American rock radio.

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